Industries We Serve

Capital Reserve Consultants, LLC specializes in providing Capital Replacement (Reserve Study) Schedules for timeshares, resorts, country clubs, golf courses, apartment complexes, community associations, schools, business & industrial parks, office buildings, and more.

Timeshares / Resorts - CRC prepares reserve studies for timeshare/resort properties which include detailed asset inventories and replacement cost projections for all asset classes. Current condition assessments, maintenance evaluations and preventive maintenance programs are available as stand alone reports or as part of a comprehensive reserve funding analysis.
Country Clubs / Golf Courses - CRC performs Property Condition Assessments (PCA's) and reserve studies for country clubs, golf courses and recreational facilities which are privately owned or owned by common interest realty associations. Consulting engineers are available to assist in performing PCA's at the request of the owner.
Apartment Complexes - CRC is available to perform comprehensive Physical Needs Assessments (PNA's); PCA's and long term capital replacement budgets for investment property owners who already own, or are considering a new apartment property acquisition. PCA's prepared by consulting architects or engineers are available at the request of the owner. Recent CRC projects include Capital Replacement Budgets for CYAN/PDX and the 12W Building, luxury high-rise apartment buildings in downtown Portland, OR.
Community Associations - CRC is a leading provider of capital reserve studies, PCA's and preventive maintenance programs for common interest realty associations (CIRA's); and a vocal advocate of responsible reserve planning in the interest of building sustainable communities; recent CRC reserve study projects for community associations include the Daybreak Community Association in South Jordan, UT; and the Metropolitan Condominiums, a luxury high-rise condominium in Portland, OR.
Schools / Other Educational Facilities - CRC works with public and private sector universities and educational institutions performing PCA's capital replacement budgets and maintenance programs which are tailored to the needs of the individual client; CRC's recent projects include Capital Replacement Budgets for two student dormitory buildings on the Pacific University campus in Forest Grove, OR.
Business & Industrial Parks / Office Buildings / Hotels - CRC's clients include owners of Class A high-rise office buildings, commercial condominiums and investment property owners. PCA's, Capital Replacement Budgets and Preventive Maintenance Programs are among the services CRC provides to this demanding market sector; recent projects include the 1000 Broadway Building, a Class A office tower in downtown Portland, OR.