Investor Owned Properties

Capital Reserve Consultants, LLC serves investment property owners who require Capital Replacement Funding Plans to obtain financing or to assist in their long range planning efforts.

Pre-purchase due diligence, as a condition of the lending agreement or to determine the suitability of a particular property for the investment portfolio, is critical to ensure realistic expectations are established prior to acquisition. Knowing what the long term capital requirements are projected to be allows owners to develop an investment strategy which accounts for anticipated expenditures in advance, thereby minimizing unforeseen capital costs and maximizing the owner’s return on investment.

Increased efficiency and economy in operations and maintenance are more likely to be realized if long term capital costs are identified in advance, allowing management to coordinate planned expenditures with major maintenance projects. By minimizing possible duplication of expenditures and maximizing economies of scale in purchasing and requisitioning of resources, investment objectives and the bottom line will be enhanced.

The investor’s exit strategy is more easily managed if a reliable Capital Replacement Plan and Preventive Maintenance Program is developed and monitored throughout the investment holding period. Well managed investment properties with a solid track record of preventive maintenance and capital replacements will be much more appealing to prospective buyers, enhancing the liquidity potential of real estate holdings; particularly in difficult economic times.

Lenders will find such properties to be much more appealing as prospective loan targets and are much more likely to approve purchase money and refinance mortgage applications if documentation is available which confirms that current owners have implemented a robust proactive maintenance and capital improvement program. Lenders may also require an independent analysis which is unbiased and based on objective third party observations.

To obtain a proposal from CRC for your investment properties please contact Jim Main at: 941-448-0978; or Carson Horton at: 928-852-0010. Or you may email us at:

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