Comprehensive Needs Assessments

Similar in many respects to Reserve Studies and traditional Capital Replacement Funding Schedules, Comprehensive Needs Assessments (CNA) are distinct in several ways. Typically prepared for public agencies and government institutions such as universities, hospitals and in particular public housing authorities; CNA's generally follow a much more precise set of guidelines in terms of the scope of the physical inspection and the level to which the inspection must be carried out. For example, it is not uncommon for the project scope to require every apartment unit be entered and inspected by the assessment team, rather than inspecting a representative sample of the apartments within the property.

It is also often required the inspection include extensive evaluations of things like the energy efficiency of the insulation envelope, or the presence of wood destroying pests and resulting damage. Code compliance, which is generally excluded from the scope of a condition assessment performed as part of a traditional Reserve Study, is almost always addressed when performing a condition assessment as part of a CNA.

In most cases a CNA will also require the analysis take into account the interior finishes and equipment within individual apartments, classrooms, etc; as opposed to traditional Reserve Studies and Capital Replacement Funding Plans wherein the interiors of individual condominiums, offices or commercial spaces are generally the responsibility of the owner or tenant who occupies the space.

Due to the more exhaustive and technically detailed scope of inquiry usually associated with a CNA, it is customary to engage the services of a consulting architect and/or engineer with expertise in various areas related to the inquiry. In such circumstances CRC partners with a number of consultants with qualifications that meet the demands of the project and who are specialists themselves in the area of performing property inspections and physical condition assessments.

Our partners include architects and engineers who are ready and willing to deliver the same exacting standard of professional due diligence in the interest of our clients, as does CRC itself.

If you would like to speak to a company representative about a project requiring a Comprehensive Needs Assessment please contact Jim Main at: 941-448-0978; or Carson Horton at: 503-336-3719, or you may email:

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