Reserve Studies & Capital Replacement Funding Plans

Reserve Studies and Capital Replacement Funding Plans, are the primary business of Capital Reserve Consultants, LLC. With many states now requiring common interest developments (CID) such as condominiums and homeowners associations, to conduct reserve studies; and as lenders become more stringent in their underwriting requirements, property owners from all walks are beginning to recognize the value in long range financial planning with respect to managing investment property over the life of the investment.

To achieve one’s investment objectives as an owner of a single condominium unit; timeshare/resort property owner; or investment property owner of commercial or apartment properties, a long range repair and replacement plan and a reliable funding schedule is of critical importance. To ensure liquidity when implementing your exit strategy; provide maximum benefits during the period of ownership and to protect the value of your investment every owner should have a plan which addresses the long range repair and replacement costs associated with maintaining the property in optimum condition.

Since the company was founded CRC has worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve their investment objectives and improve the facilities management plan for their communities. If you are a board member and/or owner of a residential condominium property the importance if maintaining a current reserve study and actively funding the association’s reserve account are imperative to ensuring you will be able to obtain financing when the homes within the community are sold.

Resort properties which generally target a highly demanding clientele will find that long range planning and capital budgeting simplifies operational, administrative and facilities maintenance responsibilities. Being able to anticipate when repair and replacement activities are likely to be required and having the money available when needed, will make it easier for your operations staff to carry out facilities upgrades and repair work when the time comes.

It also allows senior managers to anticipate capital requirements and allocate resources according to the goals and objectives which are established at the time the planning process is carried out. Access to capital, human resources and scheduling efficiencies will often times return dividends far in excess of the costs incurred to create and execute the long range plan. Investors, lenders and insurers will appreciate the level of due diligence which is in evidence when you are able to present a well crafted, detailed outline of how you plan to maintain the property and what it will cost to execute the plan.

If you would like to speak to a company representative about a Reserve Study or Capital Replacement Funding Plan please contact Jim Main at: 941-448-0978; or Carson Horton at: 503-336-3719, or you may email us at:

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