What We Do

Capital Reserve Consultants, LLC specializes in the development of Capital Replacement Funding Plans, Reserve Studies, Preventive Maintenance Programs and Comprehensive Needs Assessments for a variety of clients in the real estate industry.

Capital Replacement Funding Plans, similar to the more ubiquitous Reserve Study, are a critical component in the long range financial planning process for investment property and institutional facilities owners.

Reserve Studies, generally thought of in the context of common interest realty associations (CIRA) such as condominium and homeowners associations are equally important for these clients who often times lack expertise or sufficient working knowledge of long range financial planning to effectively manage their communities.

Comprehensive Needs Assessments, and the detailed scope of investigation typical of these reports, are an invaluable tool for owners of subsidized housing projects, educational facilities, and other properties which often require infusions of public funds to maintain their physical condition at acceptable levels.

For these organizations the long range planning process is the most critical aspect of their governance activities. Failure to develop and execute a long range plan during the early years of the community’s life cycle can be a fatal error and is clearly a failure of the governing counsel. Investment real estate owners, timeshare developments and vacation club resort properties will also find our services to be a necessary component of the long range planning process required for a successful ownership experience.

For any large facility a Preventive Maintenance Program is an invaluable tool which, when properly integrated with the capital replacement budget, forms the basis for an action plan to be utilized by the owners to ensure the facilities are properly maintained in a timely manner. Deferred maintenance and the inevitable negative impact on property values can be avoided through the ability to anticipate repair and replacement costs and knowing when the anticipated expenses may be expected to occur.

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