Timeshares & Resort Properties

Deeded timeshare developments and right-to-use vacation properties alike, will benefit from Property Condition Assessments, Capital Replacement Budgets and Preventive Maintenance Programs prepared by CRC. With many resort developments containing extensive amenities and luxury appointments throughout the property it is important to maintain an accurate, up to date inventory of fixed and non-fixed assets. Knowing in advance what the financial impact of major repair and replacement costs is going to be allows Managers and Directors to anticipate capital needs and employ proactive management strategies rather than reactive “management by crisis” techniques.

A Preventive Maintenance Program helps facilitate a proactive recurring schedule for maintaining the building components and physical assets by evaluating their current condition; establishing a task list of corrective maintenance requiring immediate attention; and developing an ongoing preventive maintenance schedule designed to maximize the life expectancy of building components and capital assets.

Well maintained properties also return immeasurable dividends in the form of customer goodwill when guests find the facilities to be in top condition every time they visit one of your resort properties. By implementing a proactive facilities maintenance and capital replacement program you will ensure the longevity and success of your resort developments and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Your operations staff will enjoy a less stressful work environment and increased morale from working in a positive, results oriented organization. Senior Management will appreciate the clarity and focus which long term budgeting and facilities maintenance planning brings to the Boardroom.

CRC representatives are available to serve the timeshare/resort development industry throughout the world.

To obtain a proposal from CRC for your resort developments please contact Jim Main at: 941-448-0978; or Carson Horton at: 928-852-0010. Or you may email us at: info@capitalreserveconsultants.com.

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