New Online Reserve Study Update Service

With the launch of CRC’s new website clients will be able to submit the information required to update their reserve studies via the Reserve Study Update Form submission page. The new site also includes an online payment processing platform that may be used to pay for the annual reserve study update.

If you are a current reserve study client of CRC the payment terms of your update agreement will state what the cost of the update is and whether payment is due in advance or after delivery of the updated reserve study. All clients who choose to pay online will receive a 3% discount on all update fees through the end of 2019.

If you are not a current client of CRC, but you have a previous reserve study that was prepared by CRC or another reserve study provider, you may use the Reserve Study Update Form to submit the update information and request a quote for the cost of updating your reserve study.

To request a quote for updating a reserve study prepared by a different provider you must upload a copy of the reserve study that you wish to have updated at the time you submit the form

The upload field allows you to drag and drop a PDF, Excel® or MS Word® document into the upload field and submit it along with the form. CRC will review the reserve study document that is submitted with the form submission and will provide you with a quote via email within 24 hours.